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Photos from the event and the ad created by Whybin TBWA (Paddy’s face built entirely out of his books, shot 100% in-camera – nothing added or changed in post-production! Immense thanks to Steve Dodds, Janelle Shearer, Garry Horner, Matt Kemsley, John Curnow and Paul Bradbury).

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Download the media release here.

The private library of one of Australia’s most controversial and contrarian intellectuals, PP McGuinness, will be up for sale in Sydney on Saturday 21 November 2009.

The thousands of books in McGuinness’ collection describe the broad thinking and eclectic interests of a  contrarian and often incendiary thinker.

From Palgrave to poetry, politics to film, PP McGuinness’ private collection spanned all genres of literature and thought, and influenced McGuinness’s contribution to Australian intellectual history.

Paddy McGuinness’s daughter, Parnell, says “There are almost ten thousand books here — more than I can possibly keep. It’s time to distribute the books to people who want them and will appreciate them. There are some rare, out-of-print editions, as well as some which are almost too common. I think there are five copies of Madame Bovary in there.”

The Paddy McGuinness Last Drinks Book Fair will be held in McGuinness’ garden in Darling Street Balmain on Saturday 21 November. Books, BBQ and drinks will be available 10am-4pm.


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Shaken and Stirred

Christmas Speakeasy

on prohibition, censorship and human weakness

Finally we have a firm date for the first annual Shaken and Stirred Speakeasy. Keep Saturday, the 6th of December, free – because you might not be much longer.

This time the event’s going to be big – a four-speaker panel on prohibition and censorship will argue their views on our vices and freedoms. The panel will feature Dee Madigan, from the Gruen Transfer, on advertising censorship, Elena Jeffries, of the Scarlet Alliance, on prostitution, Dr Ingrid van Beek, of the medically supervised King’s Cross injecting rooms and a mystery guest, yet to be announced.

Full details will follow – just make sure you’re free that Saturday, 6 December 2008. And email us at thoughtbroker@gmail.com if you’re not on the list but would like to be.

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